Test before you invest

Our product research platform tests with real consumers to make sure your product is a hit. Confirm product-market fit, build based on data, and launch with confidence.

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Product Research 301: An Advanced Guide to Analyzing & Employing Data

With real-world product and marketing examples

Product Market Research 201: The Intermediate Guide to De-Risking Decisions

Find out how to clearly define a learning object and build consumer surveys that will give you valuable data so you de-risk product and marketing decisions.

Product Market Research 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Bringing in Consumer Insights

New to research? This eBook will help you learn how easy it is to continuously bring the voice of consumers into product and marketing decisions.

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Ready for more hit products?

Test ideas before you invest

85% of new products fail. We’re changing that: from concept testing that validates product-market fit in days​ to early-stage discovery that finds your next big thing​.

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Done with guessing what customers want?

Build based on data, not opinion

Old, slow market research can’t keep up with your agile development. Feedback Loop is the fast, easy and affordable way to prioritize your roadmap with data from real target consumers.

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Launch with confidence

Succeed, iterate, repeat!

Feedback Loop customers find new niches, get to market sooner (like Toggle) and much more. Try it now to learn faster and steer smarter through every development stage.

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Easy As...

Create your test in minutes

With technology-powered surveys for concept testing, early-stage discovery, feature prioritization and more.

Access your target customers

We’ll source your target customers from a quality audience pool of millions. Just select the demographics and behaviors you want, and Feedback Loop does the rest.

Get in the (feedback) loop

Validate product-market fit in just days. Confirm or correct your course. Iterate, succeed, repeat.

What People Say

“Feedback Loop has let us save and reallocate millions of dollars worth of product development effort. Because Feedback Loop is a self- service research tool, it’s great for quickly checking assumptions. But Feedback Loop also spurs critical thinking and intellectual curiosity, making it a valuable tool for creating a culture of experimentation.”

Get the NBC Universal Case Study

Josh Snow
SVP of Product
NBC Universal

“Feedback Loop has been incredibly helpful to us in deciding where to place smarter bets.”

Charles Battle
Senior Director of Product Management
Lending Tree

“Feedback Loop gave us the ability to scale. It has some remarkable capabilities. Because it doesn’t require our teams to be research professionals and know how to write a good screener or survey, it doesn’t have to have them create the user stimulus. Although if they have it, they can certainly deploy it within the tool, but the tool let us scale up and bring experimentation into the practice of research, that I think a wide variety of teams before would have had to use an internal service organization.”

Ben Singer
Innovation Design Strategist

“From a research perspective, utilizing the Feedback Loop platform has been a huge boost to my teams productivity we’ve been able to gather unbiased user feedback at a very quick pace, which helps my team make very fact based product decisions”

Sunil Parekh
VP of Product

“Being able to use Feedback Loop to take concepts, refine them, and iterate on them in a quicker, faster way [allows us] to then keep moving as we’re thinking about the user product development life cycle model where we are validating ideas and moving them forward in the funnel.”

Sandra Lin
Senior Product Director
Northwestern Mutual

“We have found that Feedback Loop has been really invaluable. It really helped open our eyes to just how valuable it is to get a pulse check from customers really early on. Because insurance is such an intangible, almost psychological product, understanding how people think is really critical.”

Shauna Pettit-Brown
Consumer Insights Researcher