The Agile Research Platform for Rapid Consumer Feedback

Fast, easy, reliable consumer insight for product managers and researchers alike.

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What Is Agile Research?

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Fortune 500 companies trust Feedback Loop to bring the voice of the consumer into critical market decisions.
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For Product Teams
Get to market months faster

With a turnkey platform that gathers consumer feedback in days, not months.

Product Teams like yours are:
  • Cutting discovery time and cost in half
  • Validating roadmaps and prioritizing features with evidence
  • Launching innovative, large-scale products in under 6 months

How It Works

Creating a feedback loop with your consumers is as easy as one, two, three.

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Create your test in minutes

Select from pre-vetted and custom templates, upload a script, or request expert research guidance on-demand.

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Target your audience

Select an audience from your team library or create a new audience based on demographic and behavioral criteria.

Get your data

Include charts, text responses, videos, sentiments, and machine learning-generated insights.

What Is Agile Research?

A research approach that provides directional feedback early and often.

Brings data to decisions that would previously have relied on opinion

Frees innovators from waiting weeks or months for insight

Complements rather than replaces more traditional forms of research

Ready to get started?

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Access the voice of the consumer at scale

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What People Say

“Feedback Loop has been incredibly helpful to us in deciding where to place smarter bets.”

Charles Battle
Senior Director of Product Management
Lending Tree

“Feedback Loop gave us the ability to scale. It has some remarkable capabilities. Because it doesn’t require our teams to be research professionals and know how to write a good screener or survey, it doesn’t have to have them create the user stimulus. Although if they have it, they can certainly deploy it within the tool, but the tool let us scale up and bring experimentation into the practice of research, that I think a wide variety of teams before would have had to use an internal service organization.”

Ben Singer
Innovation Design Strategist

“Feedback Loop helps us quickly validate assumptions, learn about our target market, and prioritize initiatives on our roadmap.”

Sunil Parekh
VP of Product

“From a research perspective, utilizing the Feedback Loop platform has been a huge boost to my teams productivity we’ve been able to gather unbiased user feedback at a very quick pace, which helps my team make very fact based product decisions”

Sandra Lin
Senior Product Director
Northwestern Mutual

“Being able to use Feedback Loop to take concepts, refine them, and iterate on them in a quicker, faster way [allows us] to then keep moving as we’re thinking about the user product development life cycle model where we are validating ideas and moving them forward in the funnel.”

Shauna Pettit-Brown
Consumer Insights Researcher

“We have found that Feedback Loop has been really invaluable. It really helped open our eyes to just how valuable it is to get a pulse check from customers really early on. Because insurance is such an intangible, almost psychological product, understanding how people think is really critical.”

William Trump
Behavioral Science Advisor
Swiss Re/iptiQ