Build more successful products with the test-before-you-invest research platform.

Creating a feedback loop with your consumers is as easy as one, two, three.

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Easy As...

Create your test in minutes

With technology-powered surveys for concept testing, early-stage discovery, feature prioritization and more.

Access your target customers

We’ll source your target customers from a quality audience pool of millions. Just select the demographics and behaviors you want, and Feedback Loop does the rest.

Get in the (feedback) loop

Validate product-market fit in just days. Confirm or correct your course. Iterate, succeed, repeat.

Engineered to be fast, easy, and reliable.

To support critical decisions from ideation to implementation to iteration.


Feedback Loop accelerates data-driven decision-making for companies that want to learn, iterate, and innovate faster.

  • Quickstart templates for the most common learning objectives
  • Tests completed in 3 business days
  • Flexible subscriptions let you scale up at need
  • One-click reporting and sharing


Feedback Loop is a turnkey agile research platform that’s easy for business users and researchers alike. Invite unlimited users

  • Stay organized with workspaces and projects
  • Simple test results, with data export for advanced users
  • Easy trend and insight identification as teams iterate on concepts
  • In-app guides and guardrails backed by customer success experts


Feedback Loop lets research leaders scale their expertise, with advanced configuration options and rigorous quality assurance.

  • Set company-wide parameters for question types and statistical analysis
  • Manage and enforce targeting criteria from the audience control center
  • Set user-level permissions and guardrails

All the agile research types you need in one platform

Feedback Loop’s platform provides pre-built research types, created and vetted by our research experts to meet most common learning objectives, including:

Early-Stage Discovery

Early-Stage Discovery

“Find a need and fill it” has never been this easy! Feedback Loop’s agile research platform puts problem identification and user discovery right in the hands of product teams.

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Concept Test

Concept Test

Validate product-market fit before you invest. No product or customers yet? Perfect timing! Feedback Loop sources target consumers for the feedback you need to build a product people will love.

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Roadmap Prioritization

Roadmap Prioritization

Feedback Loop lets you prioritize your roadmap based on data, not opinion. You don’t need research expertise to vet features and compare options based on feedback from real people.

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Message Testing

Message Testing

Message testing isn’t just for marketers. Feedback Loop provides fast feedback on the effectiveness of the language in and around your products. Choose language that works and allocate spend to messages that win.

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Plus: Webpage Feedback, Concept KPI Testing, Product Naming Ideation, Ad Visuals Testing, Click Expectations and more!

All the capabilities you need in one agile research platform

Feedback Loop was built for organizations that want consumer feedback to be their competitive advantage, not their headache. We’ve streamlined countless research and data workflows and capabilities into one platform for all your agile research needs.

Test Creation

Pre-vetted templates

Our library of expert-crafted templates is ready to use for common learning objectives.

Editable templates

Experts can modify templates and add custom questions, from ratings to text responses.

Learning objectives

Can’t find the right template? Submit a learning objective, and our researchers will customize a test for you.

Stimulus testing

Upload static stimuli for split testing concept feedback.

Design network

Quickly transform your ideas into basic visual assets with the help of our included network of designers.

Upload scripts

If you already have a test ready to go, upload it instantly to the Feedback Loop platform.

Audience Targeting

Continuous segmentation

Feedback Loop lets you modify and target diverse audiences as you learn and refine your target market.

Demographic criteria

Select from gender, household income, location, and more.

Behavioral criteria

Use screener questions to narrow your audience by pain points and activities.

Test Results

Interactive charts

Slice and dice data to create and customize informative visuals.

Dynamic data

See differences in responses between demographic and behavioral segments.

Authentic text responses

Dive into eye-opening text responses with word clouds, and term frequencies.

Automated insights

Quickly identify statistical insights and sentiment across audience segments.

Manage participants

Easily review and clean participants and individual responses.

Share Data

Generate links to dynamic survey results with a single click to share with internal and external stakeholders.

Data export

Take your data with you to analyze further in your tool of choice.

Participant Experience


Your audience is on-the-go. Our mobile-first survey participant experience goes right along with them.

Privacy & compliance

Personally identifiable information is scrubbed, so that you can test risk-free.

Unbranded and confidential

Remove your branding from stimuli and tests to ensure confidentiality for your top-secret innovations.

Audience Sourcing

Quality panel integrations

We source audiences from the highest quality online sample suppliers on the Lucid and Cint marketplaces.

Automated quality control

We deploy cutting-edge capabilities, from digital fingerprinting to real-time response assessments, to ensure respondent identity and quality.

Manual quality control

Our research team manually reviews tests and responses as a further quality check.

Account Management

Workspaces & prioritization

Stay organized with collaborative workspaces. Order and prioritize testing from a central dashboard.

User permissions

Maintain control and quality with group and user-level access levels based on roles and expertise.

Insight parameters

Ensure that questions and results are consistent for company-wide benchmarking.

Slack integration

Get real-time notifications of key events right within Slack.