Early-Stage Discovery

“Find a need and fill it” has never been this easy! Feedback Loop’s agile research platform puts problem identification and user discovery right in the hands of product teams.

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Concept Testing

Validate product-market fit before you invest. No product or customers yet? Perfect timing! Feedback Loop sources target consumers for the feedback you need to build a product people will love.

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Roadmap Prioritization

Feedback Loop lets you prioritize your roadmap based on data, not opinion. You don’t need research expertise to vet features and compare options based on feedback from real people.

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Message Testing

Message testing isn’t just for marketers. Feedback Loop provides fast feedback on the effectiveness of the language in and around your products. Choose language that works and allocate spend to messages that win.

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Plus: Webpage Feedback, Concept KPI Testing, Product Naming Ideation, Ad Visuals Testing, Click Expectations and more!

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How It Works

Creating a feedback loop with your consumers is as easy as one, two, three.

Laptop displaying the Feedback Loop platform.
Create your test in minutes

With technology-powered surveys for concept testing, early-stage discovery, feature prioritization and more.

Mobile phone displaying the Feedback Loop platform
Access your target customers

We’ll source your target customers from a quality audience pool of millions. Just select the demographics and behaviors you want, and Feedback Loop does the rest.

Laptop displaying the Feedback Loop platform
Get in the (feedback) loop

Validate product-market fit in just days. Confirm or correct your course. Iterate, succeed, repeat.

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