Concept Testing

Ensure new product success before you build the product.

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New call-to-action

Make sure your next big idea will be a hit.

Use Feedback Loop concept testing to validate product-market fit before you invest. No product or customers yet? Perfect timing! Feedback Loop sources target consumers. You’ll get the feedback you need to build a product people will love.

Feedback Loop’s agile research platform puts concept testing right in the hands of product teams.

Test before you build

Validate product and feature ideas before costly development.

Get customer feedback

Feedback Loop provides feedback from your target consumers, so you can learn from customers before you spend time and money acquiring them.

Understand the “why”

Scaled qualitative feedback tells you the reasons behind the responses.

See for yourself how easy it is to test your ideas before you build

Case Studies

Leading companies use Feedback Loop’s platform to create products customers will love.